Celebrating A Decade of Design

Hoffpauir Studio is celebrating a decade in business this year! We are grateful to our clients and colleagues who trusted in us to provide them with exceptional services and innovative design. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing what the next ten years has in store for us.

Square 46!

Art = Architecture

Site Specific Design

We are sensitive to each project site allowing it to help guide building placement and design.

Parks and Recreation

Creating playful spaces.


Citizens Bank & Trust at Perkins Rowe

Mixed Use

Square 46 is coming!!!

Commodo Dolor

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Art = Architecture

Art = Architecture


St. Gabriel Police Department

Sacred Spaces

St. Michael Catholic Church

Diverse Projects


We approach each project as a distinctive undertaking, the results of which garner rich generous space making and designs that are original and unique.  We strive to create spaces that best represent the needs and functions of our clients while developing adjacencies which create places for socially creative interaction and exteriors that fit within the fabric of each individual site.

Sustainable Design


Our firm is committed to the principles behind sustainable design and has tried to implement as many sustainable strategies as possible whether it is complex building systems, simple passive techniques such as the manipulation of day lighting or choosing materials responsibly.

The Team


Our collaborative open studio environment takes advantage of each person’s diverse experiences which in turn allows us to create uniquely individual projects.

The Studio


At Hoffpauir Studio, we take our work very seriously……but we do not take ourselves too seriously.  We enjoy what we do and are glad YOU came to visit.

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