Square 46 Mixed-Use Development

Located on the growing Government Street corridor in Mid City Baton Rouge, this mixed-use project champions the role of architect as developer. Through conscientious programming and community-oriented design, the buildings stand as a new gathering place for the surrounding neighborhoods while increasing the economic vibrancy of the area. Centered around a public plaza which bisects the site, lively retail and restaurant spaces generate increased opportunities for social interaction and business development.

Deep overhangs, exterior lighting, and a pedestrian bridge on the second floor further define the space, creating a sense of intimacy removed from the bustle of the street.

Above the retail spaces are eight apartments and three office suites, fostering a dense living-working environment. The textured facades of stucco, brick, metal panels, and cementitious siding are interwoven to merge public and private atmospheres. The materials also give the buildings a more human, tactile scale. Additionally, bold blue accents and wood panel ceilings further texture the experiences of visitors and residents alike. These mixed programs and material choices revitalize a once vacant site to participate in the ongoing rejuvenation of Government Street.